Vellostar 10 Pack Liquid Chalk Markers

Vellostar 10 Pack Liquid Chalk Markers

Amazing Liquid Chalk Markers by Vellostar, 10-Pack of Bright Vibrant Colors, Premium Quality Markers with 6mm Reversible Nib Bullet and Chisel Tips, Liquid Chalk Paint Markers for Glass and Non-Porous Surfaces, Child Safe and Non-Toxic, Perfect Gift, 5 extra replacement tips

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Amazing Vellostar Liquid Chalk Markers 10-Pack of Bright Vibrant Colors, 5 extra replacement tips Premium Quality Markers with 6mm Reversible Nib Bullet and Chisel Tips, Child Safe and Non-Toxic.

Vellostar Liquid Chalk Markers, Premium Quality, 10-pack, 5 Extra Tips, Child Safe and Non-toxic, 6mm Reversible Tip, Great to Paint on Glass and Non-porous Surfaces, Perfect Gift.

  • Neon chalk markers are much more vibrant than regular chalk and create unique, eye-catching designs.
  • Our liquid chalk pens have unique 6mm reversible tips (chisel/bullet) for both fine and bold work. 5 extra replacement tips included!
  • Our wet chalk markers work on glass, metal, ceramics, LED boards, whiteboards and any hard non-porous surface.
  • Our child safe and eco-friendly chalk markers are water-based, non-toxic, acid-free, and low odor.
  • Comes in 10 vibrant colors; High-quality water-based ink will not bleed; Cleans up with a damp cloth.

Are you ready to put your creativity in motion?

Everybody has a little bit of the artist in their soul dying to come out. We may not all be Picassos but we all love color and self-expression. Liquid chalk markers are a great medium because it soothes the inner artist whether you're a happy 3-year-old or a hip senior looking for a little pizzazz. Vellostar's Liquid Chalk Markers sets your creativity in motion by giving you a safe, colorful way to express yourself. Whether it's a good morning note on the bathroom mirror or your kid's cartoon strip on the patio slider, or even special festive decorations like Easter Day, Mothers & Fathers Day, 4th of July, Christmas & New Year.

Set your colors free

Vellostar Liquid Chalk pens is an 10-pack of neon color ready to create whatever fun, eye-catching design you want. The 6mm reversible tips (Chisel & Bullet) give you the control and versatility you need to create anything. Our neon chalk markers work on all non-porous surfaces, dry quickly and clean off with a damp cloth. Our high-quality inks are water-based, acid-free, odorless and won’t bleed, clog or smear. And we promise the colors are so vibrant you'll need to wear your shades. Our chalk pens:

  • Conform to all standards for art products
  • 8-Colors; white, pink, red, orange, purple, green, blue, yellow, brown and black
  • Non-toxic and water based with easy clean up
  • Ideal for use on non-porous surfaces
  • Child safe from age 3 and up
  • Great gift for kids, adults, decorators, artist, crafters, and designers
  • Can be used for fun or business
  • Each marker has a new cap design with a new Interior shape designed to better accommodate nibs